The Hitchhiker

Many years ago I was raised by middle class parents and they were special. My parents were brought up with different styles of living.  My father’s side wasn’t the affectionate type and my mother’s side were huggers and kissers. So, if you look at most families they are much similar. We will never know how many people that were affected by this type of bringing up. There are many children abused and some that were given to other people to be their semi-parents. Some of the stories we hear and bring terrible thoughts to our mind. We can’t even imagine what some people have been through in life. So, those that have good parents should be very Thankful.

When I think of all the early years, I can be very thankful for my parents. My parents sent me to some really good schools, including Catholic school. These years were very special and I remember some very good years and bad as well. Because there were many days of harsh discipline and I believe it was rough at times. But I’m surely glad my parents sent me to the catholic schools, because it was definitely an experience to remember.

Looking at these years in time, I believe some children could learn more respect. I know there are many people that think we are “Old Fashioned”, but it was some of the best years of my life. We all have our own beliefs to bring up children, but it is important for correctness. Those years were treasured memories and wouldn’t trade it for any other life.

But as I grew older I had some thoughts of my own and was searching for something with adventure. There was more out there in the world to explore, I left home and went on my journey. The main purpose for this blog is for the young and the old. I’m wanting dedicate this blog to my Lord Jesus Christ. I will explain as we go further along the journey.

I left home and wanted to explore the world and see things never seen. I never realized how hard this would be, and I don’t want to fail mentioning about the pain and heartache I put my parents through. When I think back to those days, my parents must have been devastated. Especially if they would have known the way I was living.

I traveled many miles and didn’t know where I was headed. But I do know I was always searching for something, and just had an emptiness within me. So, I continued on my road too somewhere and was just determined to find what? There were so many different ways to journey and really lost with direction.

Living on the streets were very troubling and I experienced some really bad times. But I knew I had to survive and continue moving on with no idea where to go. There were many churches I stopped and asked for help, but many didn’t even want to open door for me. I’m sure they seen me through a window and saw the backpack beside me. They had to know I was a hitchhiker and just ignored me.

Every day was a constant trial of denial and confusion of  reality. But I was still going to find something in life. There was a time I got picked up by a Mexican man and he was drunk. As we were driving down the highway, he swerved a few times and was scary. Later as we were driving he pulled over and asked for me to roll down window. I rolled down window and he pulled a gun out and shot out toward the field.

At that time I was really shaking and was troubled. Later as we moved down the road, the State Trooper pulled us over. Evidently someone had reported of someone driving crazy. The State Trooper checkout the vehicle and realized I was hitchhiker, and let me go. But he did pull me to the side and said the man was wanted and found some stolen things in trunk. I was relieved to know that I wasn’t going to be in trouble.