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Fitness with Zeal is about “working out to live and not living to workout”. We can use our mentality to increase a physical balance and a spiritual balance. If we can learn these concepts and work out smarter and feel far better than you could ever imagine. Regardless of your age or fitness level, we can learn in a friendly and up beat atmosphere. There are times we need to talk about our history of health and know our strengths and weaknesses. We also need to learn about functional movement assessment to determine what physical imbalances exist. These lessons will cover everything we need to help you on your journey.




Looking up the word “Zeal” meaning great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an object. also, passion, love, fervor, fire, avidity, devotion, eagerness, keenness, appetite, relish, gusto, vigor, intensity, fanaticism. when I looked up this word it excited my faith within. I have been praying about a blog to help others and god opened the door to an insight.

There are many people that think this is literally a “sore” subject. We all have our own opinions about the way we feel or want others to think like us. But there are truly many people that struggle with “Health Issues”. We seem to go about our daily routines and not look at others that may need a little inspiration or encouragement. Why is there so many that just don’t care? We that believe in our Heavenly Father, should have an Agape Love that will be sensitive to the spirit. Those that are believers in Christ should abide in the Word of God and stand firm in His Love. Because “Faith” is the substance of things that are “Hoped” for and we must stand on the “Rock”, which is our Foundation. The Cornerstone of the Church is Jesus Christ and He is the Author & Finisher of our Faith.


I believe we must put “Spiritual Health” before “Physical Health”. Those that believe in God, must know that He cares and loves us. Our Heavenly Father wants us to be Healthy. But it is our choice to {choose} and go forward in our Faith walk. If we are “Obedient” and choose this road, He will lead us in the right direction.


Stop procrastinating and start exercising! The benefits of physical fitness are too great to ignore. Feel younger, live longer. It’s no slogan- these are actual benefits of regular exercise. People with high levels of physical fitness are at lower risk of dying from a variety of causes, according to the recent study published in Journal of the American Medical Association.

Physical fitness: What the benefits of exercise mean for you. There’s more good news. Research also shows that exercise enhances sleep, prevents weight gain, and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and even depression. “One study found that when breast cancer survivors engaged in exercise, there were marked improvements in physical activity, strength, maintaining weight, and social well-being ,” explains Rachel Permuth-Levine, PHD, deputy director for the Office of Strategic and Innovative Programs at the National Institutes of Health.

“Another study looked at patients with stable heart failure and determined that exercise relieves symptoms, improves quality of life, reduces hospitalization, and in some cases, reduces the risk of death”, adds Dr. Permuth-Levine. She points out that exercise isn’t just important for people who already living with health conditions; “If we can see benefits of moderate exercise in people who are recovering from disease, we might see even greater benefits in those of us who are generally well.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be strenuous to produce results. Even moderate exercise five to six times a week can lead to lasting health benefits. When incorporating more physical activity into your life, remember three simple guidelines:

  1. Exercise at moderate intensity for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes spread over the course of each week.
  2. Avoid periods of inactivity; some exercise at any level of intensity is better than none.
  3. At least twice a week, supplement aerobic exercise {cardio} with weight- bearing activities that strengthen all major muscle groups.Physical fitness: MAKING EXERCISE A HABIT.

The number one reason most people say they don’t exercise is lack of time. If you find it difficult to fit extended periods of exercise into your schedule, keep in mind that short bouts of physical activity in 10 -minute segments will none the less help you achieve health benefits. Advises Permuth-Levine “, Even in the absence of weight loss, relatively brief periods of exercise every day reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease.” Set realistic goals and take small steps to fit more movement into your daily life, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking to the grocery store instead of driving. “The key is to start gradually and be prepared, “says Permuth-Levine.” Have your shoes, pedometer, and music ready so you don’t have any excuses.”

To help stick with your new exercise habit, vary your routine, like swimming one day and walking the next. Get out and start a baseball or soccer game with your kids. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, have a plan B- use an exercise bike in your home, scope out exercise equipment at a near by community center, or consider joining a health club. The trick is to get to the point where you look at exercise like brushing your teeth and getting enough sleep – as essential to your well-being.

Remember that physical fitness is attainable. Even with small changes, you can reap big rewards that will pay off for years to come. What is your exercise personality?  Did you know your personality can help you choose a fitness routine that you’ll not only stick with, but actually enjoy? It’s true! So whether you hate to exercise or are active every day, this quiz can help you discover what types of activities you’ll enjoy most while getting the 30 minutes of movement at least 5 days a week that experts at the American College of Sports Medicine {ACSM} and others recommend to keep weight in check and benefit your health – without loathing every minute of it.


The ankle may be the most ignored joint next to the wrist in terms of athletic performance, flexibility and injury prevention. Speaking in terms of a structural integrity, the base is the single most important factor. Our ankles are stability joints that must very quickly absorb force, then help shift and stabilize weight for the next movement. This occurs faster than we can think, so we rely on learned motor patterns and reactions. This article will provide you with quick but accurate screens to access your current mobility plus strategies to improve performance in any sport or activity. It may seem silly to look for gains in strength in such small joint, but having an affective and efficient base will translate to improving all other standing movement patterns. First we need to establish proper range of motion and then stabilize the joint. Once we have control of the joint we will enhance the performance through improved ground reaction time, coordination, and power output. This follows the same patterns put forth in the squat and dead lift positions.

One of the exercises, lay on the ground with feet together and flat against the wall. Have your legs flat and together, with your arms by your sides and palms facing up. From here, pull your toes back and as far away from the wall as possible while maintaining heel contact with the wall. Begin lying on your back with your feet in a vertical position. Under control, point your toes away from you as far as possible and hold at your end range of motion. The goal is to achieve at least 20 degrees range of motion, and ideally 30. Visually if you reach a flat line between your foot and shin you have optimal range of motion passing the test. If you are unable to reach 20 degrees you fail the screen.

Another exercise! Stand with your right foot perpendicular to the wall, with your big toe linch from the wall and knee in line with the second toe. Flex the right knee and attempt to touch the wall while keeping the entire foot flat on the ground paying specific attention to the heel. If successful, move 2 inches from the wall and repeat the process until maximum distance is found. If you have optimal range of motion in all three test, you may then skip the mobility position and jump ahead to the performance section. If you failed any of the tests or are in the acceptable range continue through the mobility drills first. Now you know where you stand, so to speak. Use the following movement sequences and exercises to start fortifying your foundation.



Today, there are a combination of things happening in the world putting us under more stress than ever before. We face more competition at work, school, and socially than ever. Additionally, our bodies are damaged and recovery is slowed by getting inadequate amounts of sleep, exercise and nutrition.

At the same time, we experience too much emotional stress. This damage is seen as oxidation and inflammation at the cellular level. These damaging effects can be reduced with a good diet and nutrition.

I believe what you eat is the single most important ingredient to how you feel physically and mentally. There is no substitute for a healthy diet. Our food today is not supplying the nutrition we need from our fruits and vegetables. It is still important to include these in your diet, but it is not enough.

The American Medical Association recommends we all use supplements in our diet. I recommend Zurvita products because each is an all-in-one solution. People refer Zeal nutritional drink mix options because of its simplicity instead of having to take 40-50 different vitamins and herbs every single day. Zeal includes stabilized rice bran, which is one of the most nutrient dense whole foods on the planet. It also contains other herbs and essential vitamins and minerals. I encourage you to stay educated about your diet. You really can “feel” the difference with nutrients Zurvita products provide.

What is stabilized rice bran?

The medical community has long known the nutritional superiority of rice bran, and stabilized rice bran is the superfood foundation of Zurvita products. Did you know the most nutritious part of rice is the rice bran? This is true, although it is most often discarded and unfit for consumption due to stabilization challenges. We have created a unique method to stabilize the rice bran and thereby leverage its tremendous nutrients into one of the most wholly dense food concentrates in the world. The health benefits of rice bran nutrients are vast, and include, but are not limited to; controlling free radicals, reducing total plasma cholesterol, immune system support, promoting feelings of fullness due to fiber content, and disease prevention support.

Why are antioxidants important to our diet?

Antioxidants are compounds that help protect our cells from oxidized toxins and aid in their removal. They help our cells continue to function optimally, protecting them from premature aging and “cellular rusting” so to speak. Consuming foods rich in antioxidants may be good for your heart health and helping to lower your risk of infections.

What are adaptogens?

Studied by scientists around the world, adaptogens are plants or herbs that typically grow in extremely harsh climates. The molecular structures of these plants and herbs have to be strong in order to “adapt” to such adverse conditions. The same molecular structures that help these special ingredients survive in the wild can also be extremely beneficial for our bodies when they become nutrients with energizing, healthy-aging, restorative and brain-improving properties. Individual compounds found in adaptogens can number in the hundreds and include such phytonutrients as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and many other natural cell-energizing substances.

Why Is whole food nutrition important?

Whole foods deliver a plethora of nutrients including phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fatty acids- things we need and cannot get from diet alone. Zurvita products contain whole food concentrates so that the beneficial effects and the molecular structure of these phytonutrients remain intact. The vitamins in these supplements are highly complex and work together synergistically; this enables them to do their job in your body.



The people that have been joining Zurvita are getting fantastic results and feeling better each day. We are taking “Zeal “ourselves and we have more energy at the end of the day of a full day’s work. The product is really AWESOME and I believe those that want a better life will LOVE IT! Those that are interested:
















Men of TRUTH!

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A Kingdom Man is a kind of man that when his feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, “Oh crap, he’s up!” When a kingdom man steps out his door each day, heaven, earth, and hell take notice. When he protects the woman under his care, she can do little to resist him. His children look to him with confidence. Other men look to him as someone to emulate. His church calls on him for strength and leadership. He is a preserver of culture and a champion of society to keep out evil and usher in good. A kingdom man understands that God never said a godly life would be easy; He just said it would be worth it. Like a football player erupting from the tunnel at the start of a game, so starts a kingdom man each day. Not only does he take to the field in an explosion of fire, but he also dominates all opposition that rises against him. A kingdom man zeros in on one purpose and one purpose only – advancing the kingdom for the betterment of those within it, which glorifies the King. And he will pursue this at whatever personal cost.

Anyone who has played or followed football knows that victory does not come just because you want it. Victory is earned only through seat, guts, and blood. When nearly four quarters of a game have sucked the air from the heaving lungs of the lineman, battered the bodies of those carrying or chasing after the ball, and tortured the minds and muscles of everyone involved – a win often comes through nothing more than sheer determination. It comes to those who know that exhaustion is simply a word. And that purpose is far greater than pain.

The Third Team

Football is a man’s sport. No doubt about it. It is the closer thing to an organized gladiator battle in our nation. In it, passion, strength, and power fuse with precision and skill as two teams face off in an epic display of both force and will. Yet unlike most battles and unlike most wars, a third team is in this conflict. Three teams take the field. In fact, this third team is intricately involved within every aspect of the fight that leads to the declaration of a victor. Maybe you have never noticed that three teams are on the football field. But I guarantee that you would have noticed if the third team hadn’t shown up. Because without this third team, there would be chaos on the field. There would be confusion in the faceoff. In fact, there would be no way to play football as we know it. This is because the third team is the team of officials. The officials are unique in that ultimate commitment is not to the teams on the field, nor do they align themselves with any of the other agendas. The officials ‘ obligations do not lie with those who are in the battle, nor even with those watching it take place. Their commitment, as well as their allegiance, belongs to entirely different kingdom called the NFL office. The kingdom supersedes, overrules, and sits above all others. From the league office, the officials have been given a book. They have their own book with the governances, guidelines, rules, and regulations by which they are to manage the events on the field. While both teams are constantly pulling at the officials to choose a side, call penalties, or endorse plays, the team of officials must, in spite of personal preferences or emotions, rule according to its kingdom’s book. every decision made by every person on this third team must comply with the rulebook they have. It is their obligation to follow this book that has come directly from the commissioner – who has delegated authority to them. If any time an official makes a decision that sides with a team or a particular player – because of pressure from the fans, influence of players or coaching staff, or simply personal preferences – and that does not abide by the book, that official will have immediately lost the support and authority of not only the League office, but also of the commissioner. If the viewpoint of an official ever overrules the viewpoint of the book, superseding the kingdom to which the official is ultimately obligated, the official will no longer rule at all. This is because the NFL headquarters at 345 Park Avenue, New York, will stand by an official only if that official stands by the book. Once an official leaves the book, he has demoted himself to the status of a fan and become illegitimate in terms of his previously held authority.

Making the Call

Men, you are in a battle. You are in a war. The stakes of this war and its casualties are higher than a checkmark in the win or loss column. Lives will be lost. Eternities will be shaped. Destinies will either be discovered or dismissed. Dreams will be attained or relinquished. Jesus has not asked you to be a fan. He has plenty of fans already. Every Sunday morning at 11:am, His fan base shows up in stadiums, often fill to capacity, all around the world. Within these stadiums, there is a great emotion, great singing, preaching, excitement, cheers of adulation, recognition, and statements of affirmation. But Jesus is not interested in just having fans. No fan ever set the stage for a battle to be won. Jesus wants men who will carry out His agenda, governance, and guidelines in a world in crisis. Jesus wants men who will rule well. This kingdom of men has been intentionally placed in a location called Earth, yet these men receive their instructions from the League office in Heaven. This group of men is neither swayed by what the majority says, nor by what the most popular thought at the moment might be, nor even by their own personal preferences. Rather, these men are governed by the kingdom to which they belong. Men who make their calls according to the Book under authority of their Commissioner, the Lord Jesus Christ, so that chaos will not ensue in this war called life. Keep in mind, that to rule something does not refer to domination or illegitimate control. Humankind’s misuse of the term rule through dictatorships and abusive relationships has distorted the legitimate call on man to rule under God’s sovereign rule and according to His principles. In any game, as you might imagine, if the team of officials does not rule correctly, there is a loud cry not only from the stands or the people watching on their televisions but also from the players and coaches. There is a cry in response to the chaos taking place on the field – a cry for the officials to rule well.

The Cry for a Kingdom Man

If you listen closely, you might be able to hear the cry for kingdom men to rule well too. You can hear it in the chaos in the culture causing a cry to rise up from the homes, schools, neighborhoods, communities, states, and from every shattered soul affected by the absence of kingdom men. Never has our nation, or our world, stood on the precipice of adversity in such dire need of men answering the cry to rule well. Listen. It is everywhere. It is Loud. It is in the heartbeat of every child born or raised without a father, every woman’s dream drowned by an irresponsible or neglectful man, every hope snuffed out by confusing circumstances, every lonely soul of a single woman searching for someone worthy to marry, and every sanctuary and community devoid of significant male contributions. It is a cry for a kingdom man. If the team of officials stood on the sidelines of  game and never said a word about what was happening on the field, no one would go to the players who are committing the infractions and ask them why they are breaking the rules. Fans would look for the officials and demand. “Where are you? Get out there and do something “. Because without the third team on the field, all battles would be chaos after the coin toss, leading to a loss of motivation, interest, and order. As a kingdom man, you have been commissioned by heaven to rule on Earth while wearing a different kind of stripe. You have been cut from a different kind of cloth because you represent a different kind of kingdom in this battle. You represent the King. And as a representative of the King, your purpose is much higher than merely your own and impacts a sphere much wider than you may ever know. as a kingdom man, there is more to you than you may have even realized.

The Kingdom Ruler

The Greek word  used for kingdom in the New Testament is basileia, which means authority and rule. A kingdom always includes three fundamental components : a ruler, a realm of subjects who fall under his rule, and the rules or governances. The kingdom of God is the authoritative execution of His comprehensive rule in all creation. The kingdom agenda is simply the visible demonstration of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life. God’s kingdom transcends time, space, politics, denominations, cultures, and the realm of society. It is both now and not yet close by and removed . Governed by covenant systems, the kingdom’s institutions include the family, church, and civil government. God has given the guidelines for the operation of all three, and negligence to adhere to these guidelines result in disorder and loss. While each of the three fundamental components maintains separate responsibilities and dominion, all three are to work in conjunction with the others under divine rule based on an absolute standard of truth. When the components work this way, they bring order to a world of confusion and promote personal responsibility under God. The primary component upon which all else rests in a kingdom is the authority of the ruler. Without that, there is anarchy resulting in mess. Knowing that is exactly why Satan’s very first move in the garden was to subtly and deceitfully dethrone the ruler. Before we read about Satan approaching Eve in the garden, every Scripture reference to God in relation to Adam is made as Lord God. Anytime you read the word Lord [in all caps }, it refers to the name Yahweh used for God. The special title Yahweh means master and absolute ruler and is the name God used to reveal himself in His relationship with man. Prior to the name Yahweh, God had  revealed himself as Creator, which is the name Elohim. However, Satan spoke to Eve about eating that which she should not, he did not refer to God as Lord God.

king of kings image

Satan  essentially stripped off the name Lord – removing master and absolute ruler – and instead said, “Indeed, has God said..”Thus Satan sought to reduce God’s  rulership over humankind by beginning with the subtle but effective twist of His name. In doing so, Satan kept the concept of religion while eliminating divine authority. By removing Lord from the authoritative nature of the relationship between God and Adam and Eve and in bypassing Adam, Satan not only caused mankind to rebel, but he also took over the dominion that man was supposed to be exercising under God’s authority. By eating the fruit in disobedience, Adam and Eve chose to change how they viewed their Creator from Lord God to God, resulting in the loss of their intimate fellowship with Him and each other, as well as the power of the dominion that flows from the ultimate Ruler. Even though Eve ate the fruit first, God went looking for Adam. It had been Adam whom God had revealed himself to as Lord God in the context of giving Adam divine instruction. As a result, when the title of master and absolute ruler was removed, Adam was ultimately held responsible. Ever since then a continual battle has existed over who will rule humankind. This is because Adam’s importance wasn’t simply that he was the first man God made. Rather, Adam was to be the prototype that all men were to seek to become. Therefore when men make decisions based on their own thoughts, beliefs, or values- like Adam -rather than based on what God has to say as Ruler, then men are choosing to rule themselves as Adam did. They are choosing to call the King God without recognizing His authority by removing His rightful name of Lord God, also found in Scripture referring to ‘adown ‘ {master}- the verbal parallel to Yahweh. Essentially, they -like Adam -are seeking to dethrone their Creator while still recognizing His existence. It is religion without the ruler relationship of Yahweh. There are two answers to every question- God’s answer and everyone else’s. When they contradict, everyone else is wrong. Removing master and absolute ruler from God’s relationship with man essentially places God’s answer on the same level as everyone else’s. Adam’s sin was allowing his wife’s human viewpoint, which had been initiated by Satan, to override the revealed will and Word of God. Adam allowed a person close to him to overrule God. Men, only by putting Lord back into equation will you experience the dominion and authority you were created to have.

God’s Authority

  • God told the Israelites, as described in Exodus 34:23, that three times a year all of their males were to appear together before Him to receive instructions from Him. Yet when God told them to appear, He specifically called them out before the “Lord God, the God of Israel”. He called them to submit themselves to His complete authority. If the men submitted, they were told that they, and those connected to them, would receive God’s covering, protection, and provision. But they would receive this only if they positioned themselves under His absolute rule. So essential was this element of rulership that God used three of his names as a reminder. The Israelites were told to appear before the
  • Lord [adown]
  • God [Jehova]
  • God of Israel [Elohim]


God was in charge, to the third power. In using three different names for himself, God emphasized His supreme authority over the men of the nation and their accountability to Him. The same principle of God’s rulership today. He is God- Lord, GOD, God of Israel, master, supreme God, ruler and judge. A kingdom man, therefore, is one who visibly demonstrates the comprehensive rule of God underneath the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of his life. Rather than Adam being the prototype for man, now Jesus Christ-as the last Adam [1Corithians 15:45]-is the prototype for a kingdom man. A kingdom man is a man who rules according to God’s rule. Just as a referee in an NFL game is able to rule only according to the rulebook, a kingdom man is released to rule when he makes his decisions and orders his world according to God’s rule. When a kingdom man functions according to the principles and precepts of the kingdom, there will be order, authority, and provision. Yet when he doesn’t, he opens himself up, and those connected to him, to a life of chaos.



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Dream pic with Arch


The biggest majority of people in the world go to work everyday. We go to wal-mart or the grocery store and pay bills. There are many people out there with greater problems than us, and we just pass by them with not even thinking.

people walking image

Most people have their own little worlds and we have NO idea what is in their thoughts. There are a lot of hurting people and many will not seek help or go to a doctor. I,m sure there are plenty that may not know when their next meal is coming.

hungry person image

But this world just keeps on turning and many have no idea what’s going on. There are many that would like to have some hope for their future. some people don’t even know how to communicate with their families. I know there are plenty marriages that are on the brink of having their marriage destroyed. Many people are asking the question: Where is Jesus?

The Body of Christ is very much asleep and they need to be “AWAKE”. There are many of the people that claim to be a “BELIEVER”. Those that say they believe should be alert of not to hurt people with our attitudes. That is why many say those people that go to church are a bunch of hypocrites. Because a big majority of those that go to church don,t live a Christian walk.

We the Body of Christ are being watched everyday. There are many that don’t care what comes out of their mouth, when they speak. Most of the things that come out is “Trash”. Our minds must be washed and cleansed by the Lord and we must Repent. We are suppose to put on the Mind of Christ. Most people that go to church don’t even know how to “Pray” and some have very little “faith”. Because the Real kind of “Faith” must come from God. The Bible says: “Without Faith it is impossible to please God”.

We are to become Prayer Warriors and we must not put God in a box. We must not put a limit on our belief. If we are true believers, we must increase our ability with Wisdom. If we are “True Believers” we must believe in a Greater God. We serve a “Mighty God” and that must be something within the depth of our hearts. We are talking about “Super Natural Abilities”, because we are “Christians” and we are too be Christ Like.

There are many radical Islamic people and radical sport fans. But we don’t have enough Christian people who want too be radical for our “GOD”. We are not talking about “wacko” or crazy people. But…Men & Women of God that know how to listen to God’s voice and be directed the Righteous path. The Bible says : “the wages of sin is death”. Those that live everyday a sinful life and call themselves Christians are not “True”.

we as Believers do “sin”, but we must not practice sin. There is a difference, we must repent and go forward. But there are many that are conformed to the world and aren’t “Transformed to His Likeness”. We are too be “Imitators of God” and not imitators of the world. So, if we study to show ourselves approved, we ought to show our true nature in our walk with God.

  • Divine
  • Nature
  • Abba Father let god shine

There are many false prophets and some that call themselves Christians, but they are just religious. If we read the scriptures, there were religious people that put Jesus on the cross. Those pharisees were just religious leaders and they didn’t want Jesus breaking -up their social club. there are too many people using the word Christian too easily and aren’t from the “True Vine”. The “TRUE VINE” people or “Christians”and will produce “GOOD FRUIT”.

We as “True Believers” will be led by the “Holy Spirit” and become fruitful. When we walk the streets and go to wal-mart, people will see “Jesus” in us. “JESUS IS ALIVE” in those that “Seek first the Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all things shall be added unto “YOU”.  It is time the “True Church” that serves a Living God too be “Awakened and Shaken”. “SHAKE US and AWAKE US ” “O” LORD and let us be Broken before YOU I PRAY.

Jesus is alive in those that ask for His Power. The Bible says: “Ask and you shall receive, knock and it will be open unto you”. We just need to close the doors that hinder our journey. Those that want to Grow Spiritually, need to ask for the doors too be open for Wisdom & Knowledge.

we are Son’s & Daughters of a Living God and we have access to the Throne Room of Heaven here on Earth. And the Bible says that we would do greater things and we will see signs to those that Believe. If we get our hearts right with God, we would see Glorious things happening in the Churches today.

Our father in Heaven loves us and would have the biggest smile on His Face seeing His people doing His work. we would see Healing on the streets and people turning away from their wicked ways everywhere. We are to walk and live the Bible. People would see “Jesus Alive” and the Joy would be so fabulous. The Bible says: The Joy of the Lord is our strength. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Let us go and be a “REVIVED CHURCH” and a True Revival would break-out and would see many miracles. We can make a difference in this world, because Jesus is the Light of the world. We can “SHINE” for Him and the darkness would just be a shadow.



The Real World!

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#3 world image

There are many people in the past that has told me this saying: “Wake Up” and see the real world. Of course, that was many years ago when i wasn’t a christian. The philosophy of this world is way out of touch with our Heavenly Father. I’m going to spell this world with a small letter {real world.}.

If we look in the scriptures how our Lord gave us a prayer for us to remember, {The Our Father}. In this prayer we see something that is not of the natural world to see. Let us look: Our Father who art in Heaven..Hallowed be thy name …thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN.

This should enlightened our view spiritually. We should be having our thoughts more on Heaven than this earth.  If we as Christians would pray to our Heavenly Father to renew our minds through Christ Jesus , we would help change the world. Because there are so many people living a deceitful life with their own thoughts. The scriptures say : We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We either believe in our Heavenly Father or believe a Lie.

There are too many that are being deceived and believing a lie. We can be over comers, but we must use the Word of God to change our belief system. Most people don’t take the scriptures at heart and never ask for revelation through the Holy Spirit. Because we are here for just a little while, our eternal home is in Heaven.

We need to take this seriously and change our mind set. But we need the Holy Spirit to help us. If we open our eyes spiritually we will realize His Promises. The Lord Himself told us He would send the Comforter. So, we will see that we are citizens of Heaven. We can then know the “Authority” we have in Him. Every person that excepts Jesus Christ as Lord will be used as a vessel for the Kingdom. We must realize that is the purpose here in this world. Can you imagine the miracles and the healing here on earth in the body of Christ.

There was a purpose for each and every person in this world. We as believers can mature and get off the milk and grow spiritually with the right direction. When we turn on the “GPS” connection with God. Those that tune in to the right connection will be led to be Righteous through the Lord Jesus. But we must first get Wisdom and Knowledge through His Word.

When we connect with our Heavenly Father we will then know He is “Real”. Because we can know Him as “Real Love”, Real Life, Real Truth. Everyone will then see that this is the “Real World”.  Our Heavenly Father has much to show us in this Real World. {Heaven on Earth”}.

Lately i wanted to check out the meaning of expectation, so i googled it. The meaning i found: A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. I then looked up a few scriptures about expectation. In Psalm Eighteen i found the best. {My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him.} Also, Proverbs Twenty Four: {So shall the knowledge of wisdom  be to your soul, If you have found it, there is a prospect, and your hope will not be cut off.} I then checked out the concordance for the word expectation. It says : Cord add of attachment; thing that i long for.

Praise God!…We have been born with a “Cord of attachment” with our Heavenly Father. We have the inheritance to the Kingdom of God. We can be Rich in the Lord’s Goodness and Blessings. We can have that special relationship, if we continue to draw nearer to Him. Some want to keep their distance from God, but i choose to draw closer. We can know His voice and hear Him whisper . He said: Be still and know that I Am God.


#2 world image

Where are the Giants?

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giant picture

Beginning in the Book of Genesis, we read extensively about DNA, genetics and precise genealogical records. In one reads the Bible from Genesis to revelation, we see one of the primary themes of Scripture is DNA and genetics. The exhaustive and what appear to be tedious accounts of the genealogical records of major figures in the Bible including Jesus Christ, have been placed there to establish genetic records. Anyone who reads the Bible and misses the importance of the DNA narrative is missing of its primary themes. In addition, the great spiritual battle between Lucifer along with one third of the angels against the rule of God, extensively emphasizes Lucifer’s continual of attempt to corrupt and pervert the DNA of God. The primary way that Lucifer has and continues to do this today is be sending the “sons of God” or the fallen angels to mate with human women and produce a hybrid race of fallen angel-human DNA called Nephilim. This first began on Mount Hermon where 200 fallen angels descended and mated with human women as referenced in the Book of Jude, where the extra-Biblical Book of Enoch is referenced.

Even after the flood of Noah and according to Jesus Christ, this interspecies breeding continues. The central focus of modern science is biotechnology and the merger of human, animal and many experts believe, recovered Nephilim DNA, which some scientists believe is alien DNA from other planets. The trans-humanist movement is attempting to re-configure human DNA and there is already a widespread program to combine human and animal DNA in a global effort to create super soldiers. Many experts believe that alien DNA is being secretly combined with human DNA. There are some scientists and experts that believe that what is labeled alien DNA, is in reality the DNA of inter-dimensional beings, which the Biblical account is the DNA of fallen angels.

A revolution is coming very soon and that is the revealing of what Adolf Hitler called “The New Man”. This new man will no longer be human because their DNA will be a combination of human, animal, Nephilim or as some believe, alien DNA. These beings, which most likely already walk among us, may in reality be “enhanced” beings with more intelligence, powers and capacities than ordinary human beings. According to the Biblical account it is God alone who puts His divine soul in every man and woman. When man plays God, and he creates a new man by combining human, animal, fallen angel and what some believe is alien DNA. However, animals, Nephilim and aliens do not have a divine soul! As such, this interspecies breeding is producing a new man or woman, which is soulless. As this generation of new men and women begin to increase there will rise millions of soulless people who will be used as super soldiers by the nations of the earth.

In the book of Revelation we read about the war of Armageddon and the armies of strange beings coming from an inner-dimensional portal called the Abyss. Prior to this event it is highly likely that these armies 0f soulless men and women will secretly arise to high positions of power, which most likely they already have, although they are externally unrecognizable enhanced, yet soulless beings will rage war against humanity. But we must remember the purpose of life from the Book of Genesis. You cannot be the person God created you to be as long as you think like a programmed man or woman in a box. Despite what you have been indoctrinated to believe, you were created in the image of God, and that implies greatness. You are not here by cosmic accident or random chance as Darwinian Theory suggest. You are here by the specific design of an Infinite Creator God and He created you with a specific purpose and destiny in mind. One of the principles you will read throughout this book is that it is possible for you to transcend any limitations that have been placed upon you. It is important for you to know that the Personal Living God who created you knew you before the beginning of time. This Creator actually planned for you to be here before your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg united. In other words, your destiny and your gifting were created outside of the dimension of space and time, for such a time as this. You are here for a purpose and your life has meaning.

Contemporary feature films are packed with films that deal with these subjects of genetic enhancement of beings. Movies like ‘Lucy” “Transcendence” “X men”, and even “Captain America” portray the creation of genetically enhanced men and women with super powers. The convergence of interspecies breeding, genetic reconfiguration and the creation of robots, androids, computer brain interfaces and experiments of uploading human consciousness from dying human bodies into robots and androids are preparing the way for millions of new soulless beings that will utilize Super Artificial Intelligence. Scientist predict that computers, robots and androids that use Super Artificial Intelligence will rapidly be able to generate an acceleration and growth of their own intelligence so quickly that they will soon surpass mankind’s intelligence in the very near future. This event is called , The Singularity. In an article in Time Magazine, entitled, “5 Very Smart People Who Think Artificial Intelligence Could Bring the Apocalypse, ” on 12/2/2014 by Victor Luckerson, the writer interviews a number of experts who have publicly warned of the danger of this happening sooner than you think.

I was flying back from England and Scotland and the person in front of me was watching a very disgusting movie. I could see the images of blood, violence, gore, sexual perversion, vampires, rape and zombies. Despite the fact that his television screen was in plain sight, it turned out that this “adult themed” program he was watching was the popular HBO program called “True Blood”. It was extremely disturbing to see the wanton violence, endless blood and almost completely pornographic images, which no one seemed to even blush about. The program centered around these non-human zombies who were waging an all-out assault on the remaining humans in this small town. Despite the sex, blood and zombie theme’s, the program was almost a parable of the human race under attack by non-human beings that were spawned by the DNA in the blood of the vampire race. One wonders that as we approach or enter the Tribulation Period, if the time will not come through some kind of genetic alteration or interspecies breeding with soulless creatures if mankind will not find itself in a life and death struggle with the “armies of the dead”. In other words, in the realm of potential awakening of the damned and will this awakening seek to wipe out those with human DNA. If this seems far-fetched remember that was exactly what happened when Joshua and Caleb had to fight the Nephilim giants in the land of Canaan. This is also what happened when David had to engage the Nephilim giant Goliath.

Our nation is under siege by powerful unseen forces. There are many good people in our nation and not all of those people are so-called “Christians”, reality is that there are good agnostics, humanist, atheist, Buddhists, those that practice what would be considered New Age beliefs, Scientologists, mystics and Muslims. That does not mean that I agree with their belief systems. Too often I have seen those who would not call themselves Christians, stand for what is good and act more like Christians than those who call themselves Christians. The word Christian is diluted word and there are many people who claim to be Christians who are not. Every man and woman has the responsibility to stand for what is good, right, true and decent. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Yet, despite the fact that all men and women have a have a role to play, it is specifically the supernatural church of Jesus Christ that has the spiritual call to, “Occupy until He comes,” and to be the “salt and light” in our culture. It is not the responsibility of people who do not know God or who do not claim to be Christians to preach the Gospel. This is the responsibility of the true church. It is important to understand that there are two churches in America and the world. First, there is what is termed the religion of Christianity vs. true Christianity. The religion of Christianity is based in man’s power and man’s ideas and it is the counterfeit of true Christianity. It is the religion of Christianity which is the reason so many millions of people in America and the world are repulsed by the teachings of Jesus Christ, because they despise the man made institution of Christianity. They do not necessarily despise Jesus Christ. This the counterfeit Christianity is what Apostle Paul would call the apostate church and part of the Great Apostasy in the last days. It is a counterfeit Christian church, which has fallen away from the full truth of God’s Word, and those who are part of it do not really have a genuine relationship with God through the power of the Holy Spirit living inside them.

Their teachings, actions and behavior line up with the complete Word of God. If the Holy Spirit truly lives inside of them they compose the supernatural Body of Christ, or the true church on earth. The counterfeit church is part of the Great Apostasy and will become part of the coming one world religion headed up by False Prophet. It is only the true church, which has the supernatural power to transform culture and people’s lives because its power is not man made; it is power that comes from “On High” or another dimension. The true church is composed of diverse individuals who are filled with supernatural power and it is only supernatural power that is capable of dealing with the evil supernatural powers that have been unleashed in our nation.



How to understand Dreams!

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Captured Dream
Captured Dream
  • Have you ever had a dream or vision that was so vivid it remained with you for days? It is possible that your dream had a spiritual connotation and your vision was A MESSAGE FROM GOD. With these unique blend of Bible knowledge and spiritual insight I will provide answers to questions such as ..
  • Is my dream really from God?
  • How do I distinguish between types of spiritual visions?
  • Why am I having nightmares or unclean dreams?
  • What do my dreams of a departed loved one mean?

Is GOD trying to Tell You Something?

May the insight from these pages open a new avenue of knowledge and understanding of how God warns, leads, and guides our steps, and He reveals His concern about our protection, direction, and spiritual wisdom for daily living.

In June 1996 having a spiritual experience that later proved to be a warning of a future terrorist attack upon America.

I was eating at a local member’s home on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. After eating, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of extreme  tiredness, so I excused myself from the table to lie down and rest. It was about three o’clock when I lay across the bed, attempting to read my Bible. Within minutes I laid my head on the Bible and immediately went into a very deep sleep. My very brief sleep was abruptly interrupted by a full-color vision!  I was standing at the bottom of a paved road, looking up toward the top of the hill where the road ended at a large concrete wall. There were red-brick, one -story homes on the left and right sides of the road, with sidewalks climbing the hill on either side. Just above the wall in a clear blue sky I saw a black cloud that was a perfect square.

I was curious as to what this was, so I began to walking up the left sidewalk toward the top of the hill. I noticed I was barefoot, which I later learned was an indication in a dream of not being prepared for what was coming. I climbed on top of the wall and saw a strange sight. It was a large cornfield with rows of full-grown corn. As I looked left to right, it appeared endless. However, it was several hundreds yards across in front of me. Directly in the center at the end of the field was a large tower-looking building, the exact form of the World Trade Center in New York. It was shrouded in a solid black cloud from the top to the bottom.

The more frightening part was the five grayish, spinning tornadoes that were appearing to form in front of this large tower. The tornadoes were motionless, but suddenly the left one began spinning violently, throwing sparks and other objects out from it. It was as though the second one received its strength from the first one, and soon all five were emitting sparks, spinning with great greyish smoke. I distinctly remember they were not black as normal tornadoes are. As the left one began spinning, it moved from in front of the tower into the cornfield and began ripping corn out by the roots, leaving an empty straight path. The other four were preparing to move in the same manner- each destroying a line of corn from the back to the front of the corn in the field.

That is when I turned, running down the hill yelling, “We must get into the cleft of the rock…” I repeated the same phrase twice. I suddenly realized I was lying on the bed and my eyes were open. I was so overwhelmed, not knowing what I had witnessed, that I left the room to speak with a fellow minister, who was traveling with me. I told him the vision and said the tower looked like the World Trade Center shrouded in black, but I was uncertain as to what it meant. That night I informed the church what I saw and immediately  began sharing the vision with others.

The interpretation was unclear – as often happens in a spiritual warning. The understanding either must be prayed about or will be understood as the vision begins to unfold. Months later I experienced a second vision that involved five gray tornadoes. This time I was in a large city and began to hear people screaming, “The storm is coming ; what should we do?” I led them into a downtown church constructed from large grayish stones.

I saw three ethnic groups: African American, Hispanic, and Asian men and women all huddled together with their ethnic groups. Some were in shock, and others were in prayer. Looking through an opening of the church door, I saw five grayish tornadoes, one following another, spinning wildly. This time there soda cans, computer paper, and all sorts of debris being thrown from the rolling and spinning gray clouds. A total of five tornadoes passed by. When we went outside, there were intact downtown office buildings that were sitting empty, the offices ruined and incapable of conducting business.

The entire city was stunned, and outsiders were setting up areas on the streets with food, water, clothes, and even children’s toys for those within the city who had experienced some form of destruction from these storms.I knew these two visions were linked; however, the understanding was uncertain. When I shared these two visions with partners at our main meeting later that year, I told them I believed there would be a major terrorist attack on the World Trade Center at some point in the future. After showing the drawing in 1999 during a national prophetic television special and still nothing had happened, I put the sketches in my office closet at work and said nothing further about them- until the morning of September 4′ 2001.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was working at our ministry center room when a secretary ran in and announced, “Someone has flown a plane into the World Trade Center”. I was thinking that a small plane had struck the tower when a pilot died in flight. Within a few moments she said, “A second plane was flown into the second tower, and it is believed to be a terrorist attack”. That is when the reality of the five-year -old vision hit me! I went home, and on the television screen I saw the black smoke from the first plane pouring upward, forming that black square I saw in the vision. Later, both towers collapsed, I witnessed the fulfillment of the vision with the gray smoke rolling down the street, being described by news commentators as a “tornado”, sending multitudes running into buildings for safety. I would later learn from ground zero workers that many people also found refuge in a large church called Trinity Church, seeking safety and praying.

It wax the exact description of the building and activity occurring within the church I had seen in the second vision. At that moment, the meaning of five tornadoes was not making sense. I thought there would be five attacks{ the Pentagon, the plane crash in Pennsylvania, and perhaps one more making five.} However, within forty-eight hours it was clear. Trade centers one and two, the twin towers, were attacked, resulting in the eventual destruction of trade center buildings three, four, five, six, and seven – five other buildings housing thousands of businesses. Other office complexes were ruined by the dust and were closed. Of course there were many relief organizations bringing food, water, and needed resources to both the people in need and the workers at ground zero. What about the cornfield?

In the story of Joseph, the cornfield a famine coming to Egypt. The 9/11 attacks did not disrupt food. However, corn in the Old Testament was a staple that was also sold and was a vital part of the economy of the ancient world. In the New Testament parables, the field represents the world, and the corn {wheat} the harvest. Looking back in retrospect, the trade center was the World Trade Center with offices representing numerous nations housed within the towers {thus the field- the world}. Also, corn can represent the economy, and the 9/11 attacks had a devastating impact not only on New York City but also upon the travel industry in general. Thus, the corn was rooted up, indicating that those in these five buildings would no longer have jobs in those buildings! I later realized that the concrete wall from which I viewed the storms may have been an allusion to Wall Street, which was not impacted by the storms in the manner that the other buildings were. Getting in the cleft  of the rock was a direct reference to Christ, who is the Rock of our Salvation and a shelter in the storm.

Have you ever dreamed a dream that was quite troubling and it remained with you for many days? Have you ever experienced a full- color vision while sleeping- one that is so vivid that you can smell fragrances and feel the cool wind brushing your face? It is possible that your dream has a spiritual connotation and that your vision definitely some form of a message from the presence of the Almighty. we humans have difficulty interpreting the meanings of a spiritual dream or vision, as they often contain unique or unusual symbolism. Why does God often use symbolism and not allow us to comprehend a simple, plain meaning for the interpretation?  What does the symbolism mean?  How can you know if a night encounter seen during your sleep is from the Lord and not just the apparition of a wild imagination?  In this article I will detail biblical insight of a wild imagination?

I will also  give detail biblical insight to assist the reader in understanding the answers to these and many more questions. It was the Lord Himself who proclaimed in a biblical prophecy that in the last days He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, with one major result being that “young men shall see visions…. old men shall dream dreams”{Acts 2:17}. If the Holy Spirit is going to give to the body of Christ heavenly warnings, divine revelations, and practical instructions through visions or dreams, then believers must be well informed about the methods and meanings of these special and unique manifestations.

Dream pic with Arch

Faith and Health

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We can all agree God created us as a spiritual being that lives in a body and for your body to be really well, your spirit must be well. “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path”. Psalm 119:105

Most people don’t understand how significantly the condition of their spirit and soul effect their health- related behaviors and physical health. Chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle – related illnesses can often be linked to unhealthy relationships – with God, self and others – or a wounded and hurting heart. Many people are not able to fully fulfill their life purpose because their health impedes them. This initiative will help you ‘ connect the dots’ between mind, body and spirit health…and so much more.

To contribute to the spiritual transformation and improved whole person health – wellness – of participants, to the Glory of His Kingdom. This will stem from the application of biblical and medical principles that enable participants to experience a more correct and deeper relationship with themselves and more loving relationships with others.

  • Become aware of the undeniable connection between stress, relationship issues and health, and the benefits you’ll gain by making healthier choices in these areas.
  • Desire to make changes to enhance your relationships with God, yourself and others and to better care for your health.
  • Embrace Biblical and medically – sound knowledge on how to live in a right relationship with God a healthy relationship with yourself and loving relationships with others. Knowledge on how to develop healthier beliefs, attitudes and habits will also be addressed.
  • Demonstrate the ability to make the desired changes noted in your personal growth plan through the application and practice of biblical and medical principles.

Faith and stress – How to manage stress

1. Prayer- is one stress management strategy reported in a report.

2. Attending worship services- was the other strategy mentioned that falls under the realm of faith. Otherwise, the report does not address the role that faith might play in managing stress.

3. Trust god- if we trust God, and believe that He is in control and that he’ll provide for our needs, we will be less likely to be anxious or to worry. Worry and anxiety are tow ways many people manage the stress in their lives.

4. Be Dependent on God- Often we try to muster up all the inner strength we can muster to deal with the stress and associated circumstances in our life. Throughout God’s Word, He encourages us to surrender to a deeper level, to be humble, to depend on Him.

5.Live by the power of the Holy Spirit- In conjunction with Be Dependent on God, we can manage our stressors if we ask God to live through us. His Spirit in us is the same spirit that raised Jesus from the grave.

6. Abide in Jesus- Jesus tells us in John 15 to remain in Him because apart from Him we can do nothing.

Our Heavenly father created many trees and herb, roots and other natural things to help with illnesses. Those natural products can provide great things for our bodies to function properly. I’d like to give all of you a link to awesome Herbs designed by our Creator and gives healing to the body.


faiyh, peace , love

What is Life?

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We all have choices to make as we mature in life. There are many different directions to choose from, and we either be led by self or get advice. But we will know in the long haul, whether it was “right” or “wrong”. We all seem to trust in our families or friends for their consulting. And many really believe and trust with beliefs or thoughts. The question I ask” how can we trust? Our lives are more valuable in our Creator’s Eyes than we can ever imagine.

There are many times I listened too my own thoughts and failed time and time again. We agree with many people on their opinions and never get the facts or if they have been through similar trials. But we just go by our instincts or just flat out believe their advice. So, we continue to flaw over the years and step into traps along those dreary trails. We don’t even have a clue where we are going and just keep on making mistakes. Most of those choices that we choose, we still never learn.

So, “What is Life?”  If we ask those out there in the world, they would say partying and having a good time. We can have  good time, but their good time is treacherous. Most people don’t seem to respect themselves, much less respect “You”. But God Loves You and He cares about your choices. Because He definitely wants you to have the best, and you deserve the “Best”. Our Heavenly Father has all the answers, if we take the time to listen. Most of us don’t even know what the word patience means and we listen to our own hearts. The Father designed us to know Spiritual Growth if we allow Him to Teach us. There is a way to know “Life”. We must search and Trust our Lord.

Our Heavenly Father has great things to share with us, if we want to learn. His Word can teach us many things and will guide you to the “Truth”. But we must trust and follow our Lord Jesus ways in His Footsteps. The enemy would love to make you believe a “Lie” and tell you ….Quit and give up. We can know through His Grace and Love.  The scriptures say: we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. That is why we must read and trust His Word and apply it to our daily walk. We must speak “Life” and know the very Breath of God is within us.

If we read the Book of Genesis, we can see that God breathed into man and there was life. Our Heavenly Father can help us in every situation, if we believe with all our heart and with all our mind, and with all our strength. We can have the Blessings of God in our lives and know His Love. The Kingdom of God is there for a purpose and a reason. So, we can all have “Hope” for Eternity and see His Beauty in our daily walk. We can know “True Life”. Our Heavenly Father wants us to know His Promises and He will not fail us. There are some things I will share in a later post, about the fruits of the Spirit. We can learn to be led by the Spirit and not by the flesh. There are many things to learn in the Kingdom of God. The Lord wants us to have the “Joy” within our hearts and to grow in maturity with Wisdom.


let god shine

The Journey away from Home

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We all take for granted the good things in life and we need to cherish those moments. There were many rough trails along my journey that I traveled in the USA and experienced some very difficult times. Of course, I chose that lifestyle and suffered the consequences. As we mature we look back and wished we would have chosen a different road. But we all have a purpose in life and we never seem to grasp that insight. We never think of our loved ones and the rest of the family we left behind.

Our Heavenly Father feels the same way when we decide to keep our distance from His Love. God Loves US!  He wants to have a relationship with us and He wants us to keep Still and Listen to His Voice. But we choose to be selfish and just do our own thing in life. YES, it is a “Choice” and we either choose “Life” or “Death”. Because life without God is “Death”. I believe the reason why people go through harder times, because they made the wrong choice. We can either choose the right way or the wrong way. And we all have learned what was wrong or right in life. But many have stubborn ways and follow their own thoughts.

We get in deep trouble when we listen to our own minds and take the wrong path. But we can have direction, if we really seek our hearts within the depths of our soul.  As I continued my journey and went down that path I was lost and had NO direction. There were many days of sleeping under bridges and ditches in a sleeping bag and there were times I slept on top of rest area canopy tops. I hitchhiked many miles and stayed in large cities and slept in many mission homes.

There were certainly many lonely days and I had to stop and think when my next meal was coming. Many days I would get left over pizza in the dumpsters in the alleys. But there were many days I stopped and asked for work to make some cash. In the big cities I found day pay labor companies that paid cash daily. I would get some cash and check into a motel and get cleaned up and wash some clothes.

We all experienced times in our walk with God we need to get cleaned up. Because we get in “ruts” or “ditches” and get bogged down in life. But we fail to realize that we should “Trust” in our God and know His Promises. Our Heavenly Father left us a guidance book called the Bible to direct us.

  • Basic
  • Instructions
  • Before
  • Leaving
  • Earth

Many people use all kinds of excuses why they don’t read the bible. But it is there for a purpose, just like we have a purpose in life.  The Bible was designed for us to learn and understand, it is Spiritual Food. There are many different religions that tell you “lies” and say that it is not meant for us to understand. But it is definitely a lie from the devil himself. Because it is a spiritual guide for a Spiritual Life with our Heavenly Father. The Bible says that he comes to Kill, Still, and Destroy. And we all see this in marriages and families are being torn apart. The terrible thing about it, a lot of children suffer and have many heartaches.

Just as I needed to get cleaned up, so I didn’t “Stink” and “Smell”. We as people of God, we need to get cleaned up. Our duty in the Kingdom of God is to learn and get Wisdom to understand life more abundant. we can know the riches of God’s Kingdom and receive many glorious revelations.

I continued my journey hitchhiking and joined a carnival and got a ride to Colorado. I pitched a tent in the mountains and cleaned up in the freezing springs. There was a place in Aspen that had day pay labor and I earned a little money and was able to buy some supplies. I hiked many mountains and got off many trails and it was very rough at times. There were times I climbed and was hanging from the tips of my fingers and toes. I never used ropes or mountain gear and that was very foolish. But it was my first adventure and I didn’t actually know how to use equipment.

We go through life sometimes and stumble on rocks and fall many times. But we get back up and keep trying harder, but things can be easier. If we get equipped with God’s Word and get direction from the one that designed everything in life, it could be smoother. Yes, it is very painful sometimes and we lose track where to go. But we can have “Hope” and that Hope is Jesus Christ. He said in His Word….I Am the Way, The Truth and The Life.

There were many mountains and cliffs I climbed and I could have lost my grip and fell hundreds of feet and die hitting the ground. The worse part nobody probably would have found me for days or I could have been eaten by creatures. But I survived and decided to look for some work in Boulder, Colorado. I met a guy in a local store and he invited me to his church, I went to church and received Jesus in my heart. The guy I had went to church with, offered me a place to stay for a while. I kept my job for a couple of years and the company went bankrupt. So, I couldn’t find a job in town, and I had talked with my mother on the phone and she said there was work back home.

I bought a bus ticket to get back home and found some work fairly quick. There were many jobs especially in the oilfield. But I did find a church to attend and my mother joined the church as well. I Thank God my mother was a prayer warrior and prayed many days and nights for me. I know God answered her prayers and believe me, I’m a walking miracle. “God is Good!”


picture for awaken page

The Hitchhiker

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Many years ago I was raised by middle class parents and they were special. My parents were brought up with different styles of living.  My father’s side wasn’t the affectionate type and my mother’s side were huggers and kissers. So, if you look at most families they are much similar. We will never know how many people that were affected by this type of bringing up. There are many children abused and some that were given to other people to be their semi-parents. Some of the stories we hear and bring terrible thoughts to our mind. We can’t even imagine what some people have been through in life. So, those that have good parents should be very Thankful.

When I think of all the early years, I can be very thankful for my parents. My parents sent me to some really good schools, including Catholic school. These years were very special and I remember some very good years and bad as well. Because there were many days of harsh discipline and I believe it was rough at times. But I’m surely glad my parents sent me to the catholic schools, because it was definitely an experience to remember.

Looking at these years in time, I believe some children could learn more respect. I know there are many people that think we are “Old Fashioned”, but it was some of the best years of my life. We all have our own beliefs to bring up children, but it is important for correctness. Those years were treasured memories and wouldn’t trade it for any other life.

But as I grew older I had some thoughts of my own and was searching for something with adventure. There was more out there in the world to explore, I left home and went on my journey. The main purpose for this blog is for the young and the old. I’m wanting dedicate this blog to my Lord Jesus Christ. I will explain as we go further along the journey.

I left home and wanted to explore the world and see things never seen. I never realized how hard this would be, and I don’t want to fail mentioning about the pain and heartache I put my parents through. When I think back to those days, my parents must have been devastated. Especially if they would have known the way I was living.

I traveled many miles and didn’t know where I was headed. But I do know I was always searching for something, and just had an emptiness within me. So, I continued on my road too somewhere and was just determined to find what? There were so many different ways to journey and really lost with direction.

Living on the streets were very troubling and I experienced some really bad times. But I knew I had to survive and continue moving on with no idea where to go. There were many churches I stopped and asked for help, but many didn’t even want to open door for me. I’m sure they seen me through a window and saw the backpack beside me. They had to know I was a hitchhiker and just ignored me.

Every day was a constant trial of denial and confusion of  reality. But I was still going to find something in life. There was a time I got picked up by a Mexican man and he was drunk. As we were driving down the highway, he swerved a few times and was scary. Later as we were driving he pulled over and asked for me to roll down window. I rolled down window and he pulled a gun out and shot out toward the field.

At that time I was really shaking and was troubled. Later as we moved down the road, the State Trooper pulled us over. Evidently someone had reported of someone driving crazy. The State Trooper checkout the vehicle and realized I was hitchhiker, and let me go. But he did pull me to the side and said the man was wanted and found some stolen things in trunk. I was relieved to know that I wasn’t going to be in trouble.